Nadia et Serge Davico vous accueillent chaleureusement au domaine viticole Terre de Mistral

Welcome to the domaine Terre de Mistral

We want to offer to our customers a reflection of who we are: Provencal from the heart and soul, from a modest family, who by force of their hard work emphasize the quality of our region. The unique charm of the architecture is a reflection of this convivial simplicity of where the workers rub shoulders with the restaurant, the shop, an exhibition space / meeting room / seminar all under one roof. From these areas you will have a view of the winery and olive oil mill through large windows. The welcome is warm, and it is not unlikely to meet the workers from the vineyard and cellar in working clothes.

A little history

Foremost a human adventure

The owners of the winery Domaine Terre de Mistral, Nadia and Serge Davico, are natives of Rousset (near Aix-en-Provence) and the vineyard came partly from serge’s grandfather, "Galine" as called by his peers.

"In 2008, I wanted to create a range of high quality wines making the most of the Sainte Victoire region and above all to be able to share my passion in my profession" explains Serge. 

This is when in 2008, a partnership with Denis Gueury was formed, and the wine cellar and the olive oil mill Domaine Terre de Mistral was born. Today, thanks to the help of a dynamic team we are proud to distribute our wines to wine shops and renowned restaurants throughout France and in more than ten countries around the world.

The Domaine Terre de Mistral welcomes more than ten thousand visitors and tourists every year, attracted by the rural and cosy surroundings that we strive to provide every day with passion, and curious to get to know our regional products. This great adventure can been seen on all our bottles of wine and olive oil, as they all are named after someone in our family...

About the nature

A responsible environmental approach

For Serge, as the winemaker, his philosophy is that environmental thinking must incorporate a global approach to sustainable agriculture: take into account aspects of health, environment and social. The vines are susceptible to fungi and other assaults. So it’s a struggle in the vineyard due to:

• Difficult weather conditions, we do not ban the use of synthetic products so as to limit fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. However, if the pressure is low and the weather is on our side we will use organic products. The Mediterranean climate is often good so we are often in this configuration,
• Important element, we strive to live from the earth by the development of biodiversity and the contribution of organic matter,
• In human terms, we believe that the Sustainability is only possible if the entire team feels concerned and involved in the mission; the dialogue is always open, even if the economic imperatives are often a harsh reality ... These are just fragments of reflection, we will have the opportunity if you wish to discuss these topics during your visit here!

Serge Davico