Olive oil mill

Au domaine Terre de Mistral nous réalisons notre huile d'olive avec nos olives et un pressurage maison réalisé dans nôtre Moulin à huile

The Terre de Mistral olive oil

Discover our Provence olive oils !


Virgin olive oil
Variety : aglandau - salonenque
Black fruity


Extra virgin olive oil
Variety : aglandau - bouteillan
Green fruity


Extra virgin olive oil Organic
Variety : aglandau - salonenque - cayanne
Green fruity

The Terre de Mistral olive oil mill

Our olive oil mill is in action from October to late December.

Anyone can come and have their olives pressed in our mill. This ranges from small producer, with a single olive tree in the garden, a family orchard and we also work with professional growers entrusting the pressing of several hundred kilos of olives each season.

In our olive oil mill of Provence, olive oil is extracted using modern equipment respecting fruit quality. The olives are first defoliated by a big vacuum, and then carefully washed with clean water. They pursue their way into a mechanical hammer mill, once crushed they are put into a stainless steel tank where they are kneaded into a paste.

Olive paste is then matured and then enters a mechanical centrifuge where the olive oil is separated from the olive pomace.

The different olive oils obtained depend on the date of harvest, varieties (mainly Aglandau, Salonenque and Cayanne) and the area in the region where the trees are planted.

They are in turn labelled olive oil from Aix en Provence, Provence olive oil or olive oil from France, all labelled "cold-pressed virgin" and "extra virgin".

The olive oil mill

Come press your olives!

Our olive oil

A well known Provencal character!

Terre de Mistral Olive oil

The selection of our own olive oils that you will find at Domaine Terre de Mistral or in specialised shops reflects this diversity:

  • Early harvest by Denis Gueury (co founder), with AOP Aix en Provence « organic » terroir for Jeanne and its powerful green flavours (artichoke),
  • Ripe olives for softer oil with aromas of apple and crushed tomato leafs for Yvonne,
  • Finally a slight maturation of olives before crushing gives Louis sensations of tapenade.

Our oils are the mirror of our philosophy and our love for this region and we would like our customers sample them: come and participate in our tasting our olive oils! We have also selected for you the best regional products (honey, tapenade terrine ...), most of which have been made by our friends and family members. Also, we have fell in love with a few other products and have decided to enrich the range of Provencal goodies.

We also have on offer gift baskets, and baskets especially for locavores (local and regional products).